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Terms and Conditions


Supplier is Cooper Supply & Management, LLC (CSM) a company registered in the state of New Jersey, U.S. in 2003, DBA Bermuda Supply.

Customer means the person or entity who orders, buys or agrees to buy Materials from the Supplier.

Material(s) means the goods or articles the customer orders, buys or agrees to buy from the Supplier.

Conditions means those articles and clauses set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Price or Prices are only those quoted in Bermuda Supply quotations/proforma invoices in for goods and include shipping, freight, packing, and unloading plus any other specified costs agreed including Customs duty and wharfage (i.e. Landing Tax) in Bermuda, and insurance, unless otherwise stated. Local delivery and any other local costs are typically not included but added to the Final Invoice if applicable.

The Supplier's quotations/proforma invoice is a document confirming commitment from the Supplier to provide specified goods to the Customer and is issued solely in order to obtain advance payment from the Customer. Actual prices and breakdown of charges shall be in accordance with a subsequent or Final Invoice as applicable.

The price of Material may be adjusted after the order to reasonably reflect any adverse cost impact to the Supplier for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier including but not limited to Customer changes or delays; legal/regulatory changes; changes in HM Customs rates of duty or wharfage; shipping company charges including fuel surcharges. 

Price-matching:  any request for price-matching must be accompanied by a current printed quotation from a local competitor for identical items or services, and all landed costs including shipping and  duty.

An order for material shall be made by payment by the Customer to the Supplier under these Conditions and shall be deemed to be the contractual offer by the Customer to purchase material pursuant to and based upon these Conditions.

Acceptance or Agreement to supply Material by the Supplier shall be subsequent to receipt of a payment by the Customer to the Supplier for the relevant Materials under these Conditions when the Supplier furnishes a documented formal invoice or otherwise indicates in writing including by email to the Customer that the order has been placed.

Manufacturer's Warranty means that which the manufacturer provides for overseas subtropical countries.

Web site is and mirrored domains of Cooper Supply & Management, LLC. Any other web site or domain linking or pointing to the parent web site is for purposes of propagation only and there is no intention to necessarily imply a contractual or other relationship with companies or the domains of companies owned by any third party.

Conditions applicable:

Upon Agreement to supply Material the Customer and Supplier are deemed to have accepted the Conditions as part of the contract for sale of Material.

Variation to these Conditions shall be inapplicable unless agreed to in writing by the Customer and Supplier. The Customer shall peruse the Terms and Conditions current at the time of order. The Supplier reserves the right to change future Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Conditions applicable from Nominated Suppliers

Where any Supplier is nominated by the Customer it shall be the Customer’s responsibility to be satisfied as to any specific  terms and conditions of the Supplier  where they differ, exceed, or supersede those of Bermuda Supply, particularly with regard to warranty, pricing, refunds, and supply timeframes. Upon any order to proceed with a nominated supplier  the Customer is deemed to have found the terms of the nominated supplier acceptable.  

Payment terms:

Payment shall be made in Bermuda or US Dollars by the Customer either by online bank transfer, payment at the bank over the counter to the local (i.e. Bermuda) bank of the Supplier, or otherwise by agreement and under the following terms: 

  • minimum of the value of material and ocean freight payable upon ordering;
  • Customs duty, wharfage and other charges constituting the balance owing due at the time of Final Invoice.

For non-payment within 30 days of Final Invoice the Customer will incur late fees, collection costs, and may invalidate any warranty.

Payment by credit card can be arranged under special circumstances.


Custom, Special Order and Made-To-Order Materials may not be cancelled after three days from order.  Ship time indicated for any product item is based on information supplied by the manufacturer / vendor and often represents "typical" turnaround time. However, products, if available, may ship immediately or before the "typical time" indicated. Materials already shipped may not be cancelled.

Made-To-Order, Custom & Special Orders: 

Many of our products/services are unique and are manufactured specially and are not returnable. A custom or special order may not be cancelled after three days. After production has begun, changes to custom orders are usually not possible and can only be made at the discretion of the manufacturer/artisan and may incur additional charges.

US Sales Tax:

US Sales Tax is not applicable to any Materials sold in Bermuda and sourced from Bermuda Supply's own lines of supply for appliances, cabinets and plumbing fixtures. Goods supplied by third-parties will often include US Sales Tax and Bermuda Supply is not responsible for any administration in reclaiming Sales Tax for such purchases on behalf of the Customer.

Delivery of the Material:

Dates provided by the Supplier for delivery of Material are provisional and may be subject to change. The Supplier cannot be held responsible for any loss or consequential loss to the Customer caused by early or late delivery for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier.

The Supplier acts in good faith to provide the Customer with of items ordered but it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the Material(s) purchased are suitable for their intended purpose. If the Supplier agrees to accept any Material for return the Customer shall be liable to pay a handling charge of 20% of the invoice price. Such Material must be returned by the Customer carriage-paid to the New Jersey office of the Supplier in its original shipping carton.


Unless otherwise stated on the proforma invoice, prices EXCLUDE local delivery charges which are billed in arrears when requirements are known. Other local services such as removal of old appliances, or other products, delivery to dump, etc., must be requested in advance and are also billed for in arrears when the costs are known. Specifically excluded is installation, which can be arranged, but please provide notice when placing the order as time is required to schedule technicians.

Insurance During Transit:

The Supplier takes out insurance on behalf of the Customer against damage throughout shipment from US port to Bermuda. The insurance is held y the Freight Forwarder who will prepare and submit claim documents if required and negotiate any settlement with the insurance company on the Customer's behalf. This process may take several weeks depending on the claim documents and replacement parts or equipment required. Material(s) will be replaced only when they cannot be repaired.

Notice of any damages or shortages must submitted along with supporting photographs to the Supplier within 3 days of receipt of the Material for any credit or replacement to be given. Reimbursement to the Customer by the Supplier will be limited to the amount of any settlement of the relevant insurance claim.

Warranties and Liability:

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, and Cove Dishwashers

Sub-Zero International Limited Warranty—Also applies to Wolf and Cove by Sub-Zero & Wolf.


Sub-Zero & Wolf is proud to announce Bermuda Supply as its sole sales and service dealer to Bermuda for its products.  Sub-Zero & Wolf does not sanction, warrant or service any of its products procured from any other supplier.


For two years from the date of original installation, the Sub-Zero product warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace, under normal residential use, any part of the product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. All service provided by Sub-Zero under the above warranty must be performed by Sub-Zero factory certified service, unless otherwise specified by Sub-Zero, Inc. Service will be provided during normal business hours.


For five years from the date of original installation, this Sub-Zero product warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace, under normal residential use, these parts that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship: compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier and all connecting tubing. All service provided by Sub-Zero under the above warranty must be performed by Sub-Zero factory certified service, unless otherwise specified by Sub-Zero, Inc. Service will be provided during normal business hours.

*Stainless steel (doors, panels, handles, product frames and interior surfaces) are covered by a limited 60-day parts and labor warranty for cosmetic defects.

*Replacement water filters and air purification cartridges are not covered by the product warranty.

General appliances:

For Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, and Cove Dishwashers see note above.

For other manufacturers, Bermuda Supply provides the manufacturers’ warranties and/or limited overseas warranties  ONLY for the following brands: La Cornue, Dacor, Bosch, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Smeg, Summit, Thermador, and U-Line. Warranty is for one year from the original date of delivery and covers all parts and labour to repair or replace, those parts that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship that existed when the products were purchased and still in possession of the original purchaser. Materials covered must have been:

 —shipped by the Supplier to Bermuda for pick-up or delivery in Bermuda;

 —used with proper care, maintenance, and installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;

 —used and/or installed within 8 weeks after the date of clearing Customs in Bermuda;

 —paid for in full by the Customer within 30 days of the date of Final Invoice.

Under no circumstances will the Supplier's liability for any Material exceed the original costs of purchase, shipping and duty relevant to the individual product.

NOTE: In all cases the standard warranty provision in the first instance is to repair not replace. Should a replacement be necessary it is deemed a remediation of the original purchase and does not extend or renew the  original warranty period.


All Kohler Products are warranted directly by the manufacturer and any warranty work if required is carried out by the local area Service Dealer.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover any problems or damage which result from improper transportation, improper installation, mishandling, misuse, abuse, neglect, abnormal use, commercial use, improper maintenance, non-Bermuda Supply authorized repairs, accidents, or acts of God, such as hurricanes, fire, earthquakes or floods. 

This warranty and any applicable implied warranties do not cover incidental or consequential damages arising from any defects in the product, such as labor charges for installation or removal of the product or any associated products. This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by normal wear & tear, alterations, environmental conditions, humidity absorption, or mold. 

SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED from warranty are: 

  • Rust on the interior or exterior of any unit.
  • Condensation issues on refrigerator and/or freezer doors.
  • Mould or condensation.
  • Manufacturers' product recalls.
  • Appliances used in a commercial or any setting other than a single-family household.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

Visit this page for Sub-Zero & Wolf Service and Warranty

For all other brands please contact Bermuda Supply by email at or by telephone 441-799-2329. All warranty claims must include the model number of the product and the nature of the problem. In addition, Bermuda Supply may at its discretion require inspection of the installation site to authorize the repair. Any repairs not pre-approved by Bermuda Supply will not be accepted and the associated claim will void.

Title and Risk:

The Material shall be at the Customer's risk as from delivery. Ownership in the Material shall not pass from the Supplier until the Customer shall have paid the Price in full and no other sums whatever shall be due from the Customer to the Supplier.


The Supplier will not share Customers' contact details including email addresses or financial information with any third party.